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What this website is going to do for you

Selling Saas and related services to UK’s public sector on the G-Cloud framework is disconcertingly familiar. If it was a foreign market with recognised cultural and legal differences to our home market. We would approach it differently from the start.

This website explains the differences and provides you with the keys to unlock your sales. You can use the insights and methodology to do-it-yourself or engage with me to write your plan and execute it… or a bit of all three.

Marketplace Positioning Index

The MP-Index is a guide to how well a Software Service is positioned on the digital marketplace. The value (0-100) is calculated at the beginning of each month based on the content of 15 key attributes on the G-Cloud catalogue which our research has demonstrated are correlated to sales success. The accuracy and background to the index is discussed in this article. 

Of roughly 10,000 software products 25% have MP-Index scores over 80. To be well positioned against the rest of the catalogue you should be looking to achieve a score above this level.

To win on G-Cloud

Here is the methodology to turn winning on G-Cloud into a transparent, repeatable, business process. Sales success is a story built in layers. Understand the layers and identify your gaps and weaknesses, that’s the sales pathway. Communicate the methodology across the organisation, all players understand what they are doing and why.

Insights and analysis

Here you will find a regular blog of articles turning the methodology into practical advice. Combining analysis of the rich seam of data that exists just under the surface of the Digital Marketplace along with shared experiences of marketing, interviews with buyers and the folks that run the G-Cloud.

How I can help

These are the services I can provide to SaaS suppliers wanting to accelerate their journey to success. From ½-day workshop on how-to-do-it, to building and executing a get-it-done campaign; bringing in a specialist at the right time is the key to fast growth. Knowledge transfer, the key to sustainable growth.

Help yourself

There is no reason why you can’t do-it-yourself. Here in a Resources section I will build a library of useful artefacts to help build your sales campaign. Starting with a G-Cloud Marketing Plan template there will be regular additions – so, be my guest and check-back soon.


If you have any questions or issues with the downloads - get in touch here or on twitter, I'll respond as soon as I can.

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“I am very pleased to endorse Lindsay’s contribution to our G-Cloud marketing strategy. His methodology, specialist knowledge and experience is delivered with a refreshingly practical style – essential in creating value in an SME environment.”

Stuart McKean

CEO, Nine23

"As a freelance G-Cloud marketing contractor Lindsay worked with us through 2017 and helped consolidate and expand our revenues and presence on G-Cloud. I'm delighted that he continues to contribute value and insight on the Ctrl O Advisory Board"

Andy Beverley

CEO, Ctrl O Ltd


"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lindsay to support with any number of G-Cloud services, he clearly understands the whole area in great depth and with credibility due to his research. However, on top of that he takes the time to truly understand the requirements of your business and the competitive landscape to make truly personalised recommendations. He is a genuine expert in his field and a great character as well!"

Lucinda Carney CPsychol

CEO, Actus Software

"Co-founder of EuroCloud and Cloud Industry Forum's G-Cloud SIG and author of "G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained" (now in it's 2nd edition), Lindsay has been giving practical help and support to scores of SaaS SMEs. From my own work inside Cabinet Office at the start of the G-Cloud story, I recognise and endorse the value of Lindsay's methodology and welcome his continuing support of the G-Cloud SaaS community."

Peter Middleton

Chair, Cloud Industry Forum G-Cloud SIG

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