2021 - A New Era

GCloudMarketing.UK is being retired

5 years since "G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained" was published: detailed analysis of data, supported by interviews across all stakeholders, allowed the key differences between successful SMEs and G-Cloud failures to be catalogued and a full remedial pathway described. This was then republished here.

Time moves on and this narrow work has been overtaken by the far more expansive services provided by 

Advice Cloud

With whom I have enjoyed a great association throughout.

Public Sector procurement is a jungle for an SME moving from B2B into the lucrative B2G marketplace. I can not recommend a better guide than the team at ► contact Advice Cloud

to help blaze a way through the confusing tangle and fast-track mastery of this unfamiliar landscape. The time-to-sales advantage can be measured, in years...