Marketing to the public sector has a different set of challenges from business to business marketing in the private sector.

Public sector buyers must be able to demonstrate they have evaluated products without bias, entirely on their merits and against a defined requirement set.

G-Cloud Buyers Guidance  reinforces reticence to engage with a supplier’s sales team to the last moment – by which time, the choice has often been made based on the information on the G-Cloud catalogue.

It is essential to perform marketing analytics on the marketplace and your product’s positioning in it. But the Digital Marketplace is cumbersome for market analysis and either takes much time or it is done sketchily or neglected.

Here is the answer: each month I publish the G-Cloud catalogue in CSV format so you can use spreadsheet and other analytical tools to keep an eye on your competition and best practice role-models.

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Information on the Digital Marketplace website is published under The Open Government Licence V3.0 which allows for commercial exploitation and the creation of derivative works. Personal Data is specifically excluded from this licence therefore no contact information is contained in these data sets.

Column titles are abbreviated – to map the column titles to the actual wording on G-Cloud website, download the Glossaries (an Excel file)

Pricing: Each data-set is priced at £49.50 + VAT.

To purchase click ‘Add to cart’ for each item and you will be taken to a secure payment gateway. If you have a promotional code be sure to click ‘got code?’ in the window that pops up for payment, enter code and update.

The download is managed from the payment site. Be aware that the CSV file is Unicode (UTF-8) and is better imported into Excel [Data tab/From Text/CSV] otherwise some special characters, like £ and ® get additional characters added. LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets appear to correct for this automatically. 

Lot 1 – Hosting Data

Lot 2 – Software Data

Lot 3 – Support Data

Lot 1 - Hosting

The Hosting data-set comprises 137 columns (the data headings used on the G-Cloud website). The data was compiled on 1st October 2019 when there were 3,813 products live on the marketplace, these are the rows in the data. The data-set includes URLs to the individual products on the digital marketplace and the uploaded documentation at the reference date. 

Lot 2 - Software

The Software data-set is 131 columns by 9,396 rows (products) and was compiled on 1st October 2019.

This now includes the MP-Index (Marketplace Position Index) in the last column. This is a rough guide to comparative marketing positioning of products giving a score between 0-100. The higher score indicates better relative market positioning.


Lot 3 - Support

The Support data-set is 53 columns by 16,848 rows (products) and was also compiled on 1st October 2019. 




If you have any questions or issues with the downloads - get in touch here or on twitter, I'll respond as soon as I can.

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