Success is a story built in layers. The pathway to success is most rapidly established by understanding the plan for each layer, mapping your position against the requirement and where there are gaps, plan and execute for their resolution.

Your product’s functionality and price are essential components of the marketing mix, I can leave those components to you. You know if your product sells and your customers are satisfied outside G-Cloud; the question is, why is it not selling as well on G-Cloud?

We are looking for the unseen holes in your marketing mix. To do this we map your position in the G-Cloud Success Pathway. Look for those gaps; critical vulnerabilities which can appear at any level but are more likely to lie in the early layers. Here, they tend to be fatal or extremely damaging to your sales success. But that’s OK, the good news is that these early stage obstacles are generally easier to fix.

G-Cloud Success Pathway

Level Objective Nature Where to go to learn more
0 Get-listed Getting your product listed on the Digital Marketplace does not mean it is capable of being sold. There is a common misunderstanding that listing confers some form of ‘approved’ status. It does not. The consequence is that over 50% of vendors are unaware that they cannot make a sale. Link
1 Get-conformant Over 50% of SaaS vendors on G-Cloud are chronically non-compliant and so disqualify themselves from making a shortlist. The problem stems from misunderstanding the buying process and over-estimating the influence of traditional sales and marketing tactics. Link
2 Get-found Buyers, applying the rules, find your product out of 8,000 others by using a search engine that only indexes a small part of your listing. Great care is required in wording the indexed parts of your listing to ensure the right prospect for your service will find you. Link
3 Get-optimised Comparing sales success against the structured data on G-Cloud in an analytical model shows: successful vendors exhibit a statistically significant number of attributes that unsuccessful vendors do not. These findings, which are supported by interviews with and experience selling to buyers, show where it is important to ‘tick the right box’. It is not the same for every customer or product. This has implications for target market selection as well as investing in attaining  certain attributes. Link
4 Get-selling Successful vendors have a proactive, multi-faceted marketing and sales activity based on a strategy and plan that needs to evolve as the marketplace (and competition) evolve. Interviewing and studying successful SaaS vendors shows it is a mistake to assume that products will ‘sell off the page’. There is an effective campaign for every size of business, the keys are to study, focus and adapt. Link

The “Links” in the table search for Insight Articles dealing with that layer in the success pathway.

Or click here to go browse all the published articles.

There is already a considerable body of evidence identifying the ‘best practice’ position for each of the 4-levels of G-Cloud Success Pathway. There is also evidence that these best-practices evolve over time. I will set-out the present observations on best-practice in the Insights blog under the categories

  • Get-listed
  • Get-conformant
  • Get-found
  • Get-optimised
  • Get-selling

This will allow updates from new analysis and interviews to keep up as market and strategies evolve.

The picture of the landscape that emerges is not one equally applicable for all products. An office application that is universally known and has a $billion marketing engine behind it will be sold differently from a large-ticket niche product developed to fulfil a unique need of a particular government department.

Neither of these are representative of the majority of the 8,000 services on G-Cloud. And with over 90% of suppliers on G-Cloud 10 being SMEs [link] this analysis and the observations in the Insight articles has been developed to be of particular relevance to this cohort.

“I am very pleased to endorse Lindsay’s contribution to our G-Cloud marketing strategy. His methodology, specialist knowledge and experience is delivered with a refreshingly practical style – essential in creating value in an SME environment.”

Stuart McKean

CEO, Nine23

"As a freelance G-Cloud marketing contractor Lindsay worked with us through 2017 and helped consolidate and expand our revenues and presence on G-Cloud. I'm delighted that he continues to contribute value and insight on the Ctrl O Advisory Board"

Andy Beverley

CEO, Ctrl O Ltd


"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lindsay to support with any number of G-Cloud services, he clearly understands the whole area in great depth and with credibility due to his research. However, on top of that he takes the time to truly understand the requirements of your business and the competitive landscape to make truly personalised recommendations. He is a genuine expert in his field and a great character as well!"

Lucinda Carney CPsychol

CEO, Actus Software

"Co-founder of EuroCloud and Cloud Industry Forum's G-Cloud SIG and author of "G-Cloud Success, Analysed; Failure Explained" (now in it's 2nd edition), Lindsay has been giving practical help and support to scores of SaaS SMEs. From my own work inside Cabinet Office at the start of the G-Cloud story, I recognise and endorse the value of Lindsay's methodology and welcome his continuing support of the G-Cloud SaaS community."

Peter Middleton

Chair, Cloud Industry Forum G-Cloud SIG

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