Outline Marketing Plan

This is an overview of the common components of a pro-active marketing plan. You can get sales straight from the Digital Marketplace without a touch, but success comes through effort and repeatable success comes through an integrated programme thoughtfully applied.

Selecting Target Markets

How many? Which? What are the characteristics I should score highly? Where do I get the data?

Ready, Aim, Fire!  – Before we set off on a sales campaign we need to select the markets inside public sector to prioritise. About 1,000 public sector entities buy SaaS, but, it seems, 30% of those don’t buy from SMEs. You can spend a lot of effort breaking down doors that are shut tight, or start by pushing at one that is open. This paper shows you how. 

G-Cloud for Market Research

G-Cloud and the sales data associated with it are a valuable source of market intelligence. Yet it’s evident that few suppliers use it actively and if they do, they don’t appear to use it effectively. By putting your products in the small set that have the benefit of an active approach to market intelligence you can win. SMEs with their ability to make decisions quickly turn their size to advantage. 

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