Selecting Target Markets

How many? Which? What are the characteristics I should score highly? Where do I get the data?

Ready, Aim, Fire!  – So, we have ‘made ready’ by optimising our G-Cloud presence. Now, before we set off on a sales campaign we need to select the markets inside public sector to prioritise. About 1,000 public sector entities buy SaaS, but, it seems, 30% of those don’t buy from SMEs. The market gets tighter still if you are not native to the public sector (e.g. have products designed for NHS or local government that wouldn’t fit elsewhere). Over the last 18 months only 300 entities have bought SaaS from SMEs that were not born to the public sector but are trying to move a commercial B2B product to be B2G… Making a success of transitioning into the B2G market, you can spend a lot of effort breaking down doors that are shut tight, or start by pushing at one that is open. This paper shows you how to select markets for your sales campaign.