What’s the problem?

You have a SaaS product that is not getting the traction you want on G-Cloud.

Solution Overview

  •  Find out where the problem lies
  •  Design a get-well plan
  •  Communicate the plan so everyone understands and can work together then we can execute in one of 3 different ways:
    •  I help you to execute the plan so internal resources ‘learn by doing’, or
    •  I execute the plan, for example when you don’t have a person that can be spared, or
    •  You have able resources and want implement in-house, take the plan and call me if needed 
  •  I can support/mentor/advise/monitor for as long or as little as you need – a “G-Cloud support desk” on email, ‘phone, or in person 

How does that happen?


Roughly an hour’s telephone consultation to understand your goals and concerns and information about resources, how you currently market and sell, competitors, differentiators and any work done or thoughts on target market and where your service generates high value. I will outline one of a number of ways we may work together, the emphasis being on demonstrating early value with a clean deliverable. Just fill-in the Contact Form at the bottom of this page – be sure to give me your G-Cloud URL, so I can do some homework before the call.


Improving your sales performance on G-Cloud will need an assessment of your presence on the catalogue using a model I’ve built holding all 8,000 SaaS services to identify where you are in comparison with peers and any gaps in your proposition. Typically we would start with one SaaS product, a rich example which is not performing as you want. This investigation should normally be expected to take 1-day.


Preferably face-to-face in your offices, but may be achieved by web meeting. It is a collaborative exercise to present my findings and build an understanding of:

  • What is possible to remedy deficiencies in positioning on G-Cloud
  • Outline a G-Cloud marketing and sales plan
  • Identify work needed to complete the marketing and sales plan (e.g. competitor analysis)
  • Resources and timescales – who is going to do what and by when – getting the balance you want between my input and your own resources
  • Does it look achievable? A sanity check on where we want to be, from where we are and the resources we can deploy

I try to achieve this milestone with ½-day preparation of materials and ½-day workshop. If we can get to a substantive conclusion based on this timetable, we can refine things in the next phase. 

If you decide to go ahead and engage with me in Post Workshop Services, I will need an additional 1-day to document the outcome of the workshop and set-out the programme of work so that all stakeholders can come to a consensus on how we move forward. 

Post Workshop Services

I can provide a complete set of services as an interim or part-time Public Sector CMO or tailor individual interventions to suit your requirements. I will happily work with your staff to transfer knowledge to the person or team, or fulfil needs as a contractor. The list of tasks could include one or more of:

  • Target market planning and analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Identify and generate opportunities 
  • Identify trade show/exhibitions, attend, promote, present
  • Identify & recruit channel partners
  • Work with Integrators and tier 1 suppliers

Success is a story, built in layers. It also needs to become a repeatable business process which can run autonomously in your organisation with all participants understanding how and when to take action. All stakeholders and participants speaking the same language and following the same process allows clear management oversight, direction and measurement.